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The main purpose of our agency is to introduce the world of travelers to the charm, history and culture of South East Asia . But how? Our agency was born from an association of local tourist guides who have been accompanying travelers to our country for years, this gives us the strength to personally know what we are going to offer, moreover with the experience and knowledge acquired over the years of what travelers are looking for when they arrive in South East Asia. Although we cannot accompany 100% of our clients personally, we know most of the guides well, in Thailand and in neighboring countries , this gives us the exception of so that our customers are always treated to the best. Like all agencies, on our pages you will find tourist packages of various kinds, but the one we prefer, and the direct contact with the traveler , in order to build and customize a exclusive travel. We offer you the History , the Culture , the Sea , the Jungles and all the Wonderful Nature of the South East Asia and we will always try to offer that hidden part , which few people know, small and traditional parties hidden in small villages, artisan workshops where it is still produced as it once was, common markets , those where you will not find tourists, but only people shopping for their family.
Our philosophy invites travelers to visit the Villages and Tribal Peoples of South East Asia, not simply to see a world different from their own, but to become aware and aware of people who they have chosen to live again as they once did and that they still live in complete harmony with nature and with their own culture and in full respect of this choice of life.
In addition to this, we invite our travelers to not to visit places where animals are used for entertainment purposes , because our agency is for the right of Freedom for every living being. To this, we make an exception for the Elephant Sanctuaries ; It is part of the Thai culture to see and caress an Elephant, even if our agency, is opposed to the use of animals as a source of tourist attraction, as already mentioned we try to avoid shows with dolphins and tigers, we make this exception for < strong> Elephants . In Thailand, Elephants are still used as a means of transporting and removing timber, and once they reach old age, when they are no longer able to work, instead of being killed, they are welcomed in these Sanctuaries . An average adult elephant measures 2.5 to 4 meters with a weight of 2,268 to 6,350 kilograms, which means that an average adult elephant will need at least 23 times more food and water than a 100 kg person. Indeed. being herbivorous elephants that do not consume proteins, they tend to spend 12-18 hours just feeding, consuming at least 91 kilograms of food and 190 liters of water. To have these shrines visited. it is necessary for the survival and well-being of the elephant itself
Having said that, we would be proud to have you with us as soon as possible and you will see that the magical world of South East Asia will remain within you for the rest of your life

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Asia Travel Best, accompanies you to the most incredible places in Asia. Our job is to discover the most hidden and characteristic places and then propose them to you. We are preparing personalized trips for the North Korea.

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