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Asia Travel Best, is a tour operator in Thailand ready to offer you exciting trips to the Asian continent. Asia Travel Best, collaborates with the major accommodation facilities in Asia, based in Thailand but with partners and branches in various countries. Asia Travel best is present in Italy (Genoa-Florence) in Österreich (Wien) Argentine (Buonos Aires).


Somjit - Marco & Wanphen


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La Nostra Storia

Asia Travel Best   was born from a lucky combination of encounters. Somjit Suwanmaneegul   is an Italian-speaking tour guide, president of the Association of Italian-language guides of Thailand . Somjit works with various agencies throughout Thailand and one day meets Marco, a programmer who is in Thailand to install his own program (Management of a 360 ° Tour Operator). Somjit and Marco become friends and in speaking Somjit reveals that in addition to being a guide, he also has a small tourism agency that he manages with other guides, but that even if it is a good decent job, it is not organized enough to be able to afford to buy a demanding program like Marco's. Marco asks him why he does not try to expand to become a large tourist agency, given that the prospects, experience and capacity are not only there, but also very advanced and professional. Marco introduces Somjit to Wanphen  , a very smart girl with a great desire to work in the field of tourism, a sector where Wanphen already has a great work experience. From this last meeting, Asia Travel Best was born, a tour operator   that gradually manages to make more and more space throughout Asia and in especially in Thailand. Again thanks to Marco, Asia Travel Best will become the partner for all Asia of Misha Travel one of the most historic Tour oerators in Italy, a tour operator that boasts agencies and agents throughout Europe, Russia and Latin America . From this last collaboration Asia Travel Best is known at European and international level by participating with its brand also in international fairs. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic called Covid 19 will stop tourism all over the world, but despite the difficulties and all the related problems, Asia Travel Best   resists and in 2022 it starts again in a big way, trying to make itself known again more in the world of world tourism. Somjit and Wanpen continue their race, trying every day to improve, giving their customers the best of themselves.


Asia Travel Best, accompanies you to the most incredible places in Asia. Our job is to discover the most hidden and characteristic places and then propose them to you. We are preparing personalized trips for the North Korea.